Clarion Insurance company, under written by York Insurance, doesn't want to pay the claim. Oddly enough we had recently confirmed with the company directly that our equipment would be covered due to loss, damage, or theft if it was rented out, now that we did have a theft, they don't want to pay.

They told us we needed to submit the police report, and full documentation as to the incident, then they would process the claim, but they never got back to us. 3 months later when we check back they asked us to submit another claim form, which we did immediately, still they never got back to us. 2 months later when we asked if they needed anything else they had us submit another statement, which we sent back that day, still no response.

Then when we contacted them back again the next month, and they saw we weren't letting this go, they sent us a letter letting us know that they weren't paying.

When we spoke to Clarion Insurance, asking why we have been paying premiums all these years for insurance on our equipment for a policy that would not actually pay if there was a claim, they immediately sent us a certified letter stating that they were cancelling our policy.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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